Mentos Diet Coke Rocket

One of my more innovative and useful projects was designing a good Mentos Diet Coke rocket. I think my design was unique. More importantly it was effective, the only one I’ve come across that was actually practical.

Everyone is familiar with the fun that can be had by mixing Mentos with Diet Coke. It was a big fad in the 90s. The usual result is a nice fountain. Bolder adventurers can make a rocket of sorts from an exploding bottle. But I found that the unpredictability and danger from most rocket designs was unacceptable. Here’s one that is much more controllable and predictable, and with proper precautions (and adult supervision) is safer and more fun.

I developed this method because I couldn’t locate a single example on the internet of a proper rocket. All I found were people dropping mentos into a soda bottle, capping it, then slamming it into the ground hoping it would break just right and launch into the air – not reliable at all, and a huge mess.

mentosrocketthumbHere’s a much improved design for a rocket. It’s simple, low cost, predictable, and works just about every time. Click on the picture to the left for complete instructions. Your rocket will fly 20 to 40 feet straight up if you do it right.


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