Welcome to my personal experiences portfolio! It’s essentially an invitation-only lifetime history and achievements resume, a condensed autobiographical promotional tool and a way to introduce myself. Size me up if you will. Or just learn what makes me tick.

Here you can read about some of my unusual experiences, pursuits, and accomplishments. I hope you’ll find it unusual and entertaining. But most importantly it’s designed to be a tool to introduce myself to anyone seeking any sort of productive relationship. To that end, I’ve tried to make it as factual and accurate as possible while still representing my unique point of view.

I’ve never felt comfortable exposing my personal details on someone’s advertising platform such as Linked-In or Facebook. Here I can retain complete control of content, format, and access. That allows me to be as candid as I choose, and selective about who I share it with. Enjoy!


Each topic describes something I devoted a lot of time and effort to at some point in my life, and therefore defines me in some way. They include jobs, hobbies, companies I started, projects, sports, and various other accomplishments and pursuits. Each starts with a brief overview and list of achievements, then expands into a longer autobiographical account.